Anorexia Defined.

Anorexia rear View

Discover a diet secret of Anorexics.

What is anorexia and how to see early anorexic signs.

Anorexia is a shortening for the full description of anorexia nervosa.

People who suffer from anorexia nervosa are often referred to as being anorexic.

Anorexia is often described as being an eating disorder, although I do not agree with that, as I place anorexia nervosa as being a type of mental sickness. It is not about the eating, but rather about how the mind sees the body, which is what seperates anorexics from normal people.

When dealing with anyone who is anorexic, you have to constantly remind yourself that what you see in the them and what they see in their mirror are two totally different things. Anorexia controls the mind and they become incapable of proper reasoning, and can only see “FAT”.

In order to reach them and to get behind the wall they place around themselves, you have to be able to see their point of view as well. You have to understand what it is that they are seeing even if you are not agreeing with what they see.

How an anorexic views themselves.

Anorexia is known as the dieting disease, whereby a person literally diets themselves into total starvation in an attempt to lose those few extra pounds of what they describe as being fat. They will lie and deceive, and do anything else that is necessary to not eat and to get thin. There is nothing else on their minds. Weight consumes them.

The truth of anorexia

Anorexia should not be confused with it’s sister disease, which is bulimia. Bulimia is when the person does not starve themself, but purges their system of food consumed, in order to not gain weight. Often anorexics also delve into bulimia and back again. Read the article on bulimia nervosa to find out more.

Spotting anorexia in it’s early stages can sometimes be difficult. As I said above, the victims of anorexia, will lie, cheat and deceive, in order to lose that weight. It does not matter that you are their mother and that they have never lied to you before, with anorexia it is different and they will lie to you. Their weight becomes first and foremost in their lives and so you suddenly take second or third place and lying to you is no longer as bad as what it seemed before, after all it is you that is the enemy because you are going to try and stop them from losing that ugly “Fat”.

1) They will suddenly be obsessed with calories and diets. You will notice a change when your daughter or son, suddenly starts to want to diet and starts to watch the calories of the food they are eating. Take special note when favourite foods are suddenly too fattening to eat.

2) They will start to wear baggy clothing. Your child knows that you will disapprove of their weight loss and so will conceal weight loss from you by wearing baggy clothing. The baggy clothing also has a second purpose in that it prevents clothes form feeling tight on them, and helps them to realise that they are on their way to towards their objectives.

3) Eating will suddenly become a problem, and the child will no longer want to join the family in eating with small excuses like, “I am not hungry now, I will eat later” or “I already ate at so an so’s house.” When placing their food aside for them to eat later, you will come back to an empty plate, but do realise that in all probability it was not the child that ate but the dog or the food was thrown into the rubbish bin or garden etc. In sever cases you will find food hidden under carpets, behind sofa’s or anywhere else they can hide it in order to prvent themselves from having to eat. Health does not come into the equation, so expect anything.

4) The child becomes withdrawn. This may be a symptom of many disorders common in teenagers, but a child that is becoming anorexic, will withdraw from you, and will also prevent you from seeing them naked. They will become a little anti social and will begin to hate mirrors.

5) Anorexia goes hand in hand with bulimia, and so when an anorexic does actually consume food, they need to rid their body of the food and will immediately go to the toilet to vomit, or complain of constipation in order to get laxatives.

Hair loss is a minor problem.
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Treating anorexia takes years of patience and self control. Know that it is seldom if ever that an anorexic is totally cured. They will always watch their figures and special care will always be needed in front of them.