Benefits of a Rowing Machine

There are many benefits of a rowing machine, and if your local gym has one (it wouldn’t be much of a gym if it didn’t!) or if you have enough spare room in your home fitness gym to have your own then it would be well worth adding this fantastic exercise to your list of aerobic activities.

Whether you just want to add more aerobic exercise routines to your arsenal or throw in some fierce aerobic fat burning to the mix, rowing can help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals. Some people I know think rowing machine exercise is quite boring. But I argue that, like any physical exercise, it’s only as boring as you make it! It’s up to you to add variation to any workout routine to keep your motivation to exercise high and keep from stagnation. But we’ll come onto that.

Take a look at the benefits or a rowing machine below, and why you should add this exercise to your list of aerobic activities if possible.

The Benefits of Rowing Machine Exercise

For starters, rowing is a full body workout. It works every muscle group in your body. For this reason, it adds muscular balance to your fitness training, which helps to minimize injury. (You’ll find that many athletes perform different types of activities, especially out of season, to make them more robust and able to avoid injury.)

Because it uses all muscle groups (legs, back, torso, arms, shoulders), rowing is a great calorie and fat burner. Using all these muscle groups together for prolonged periods of time requires a lot of energy, so rowing is great exercise for any weight loss routine.

Your rowing routine can also be versatile. You can perform HIIT training, Tabata training, or add Fartlek training to your routines to spice things up a little and make your sessions harder. You’ll burn more calories and increase you aerobic capacity (VO2 Max) dramatically this way.

Rowing is primarily one of the aerobic exercise routines, and for this reason it can be used to build your strength endurance and stamina. All rowing machines have a method of varying the resistance, to make each row harder or easier. By gradually increasing the resistance over time you will make improvements in your strength endurance.

One of the best benefits of a rowing machine is its low impact nature. Many exercises, like running and most sports and physical games, are high impact on your joints. Especially your knees! Rowing is joint friendly!

And then there’s the cardio vascular benefits and all the general health benefits of health related fitness, which you get from all aerobic exercise routines. Reduced stress, decreased risk to certain illnesses and diseases (including certain cancers, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, etc.), and an increase in general wellbeing.

Keep Your Aerobic Exercise Routines Varied

As I always say, your fitness plan should be varied and consist of multiple aerobic exercise routines. If you only do one exercise day after day you will struggle to attain your ultimate fitness goal. So keep things varied and keep your motivation to exercise sky high!

Take a look at the list of aerobic activities to give you more ideas, or take a look at the free workout plans.